Imperfections Relentless

Can one night of passion ignite a fire that will last a lifetime?
Ava Alexander is sexy and bold, and she knows it. With her take no prisoners attitude she can have any man she wants. Except the one she’s pined for since they were kids.
Handsome, logical Christoper Reed likes to keep his life orderly and controlled. And he knows raven-haired temptress Ava is his opposite in every way. When he gives in to his passion, he’s determined to keep it simple– one night, nothing more.
But when Ava develops mysterious symptoms and no one takes her seriously, Christopher sees a different side of her. She’s a force to be reckoned with, but she’s vulnerable too. His white knight instinct kicks in and he finds himself caring in ways he shouldn’t.
Being with her feels all kinds of right, but Ava is a match and if Christopher’s not careful she may burn down his entire world.

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