Something New

A strong woman. A determined man. A secret that changes everything.

Lexi is strong and self-reliant. She’s had to be. Lexi is the only person her brothers have left—and she does what she has to, even flirting with the edges of the law, in order to keep her three younger brothers with her. So when Noah crashes into her world—literally—she dismisses him. But he comes back, and she soon finds herself intrigued and caught up in a world of new feelings that she doesn’t quite know what to do with. She keeps her guard up, though, because if Noah finds out her secret, her world will come crashing down.

Noah can’t stop himself from falling for Lexi. He admires the way she’s held her family together in the face of severe hardship, and he finds himself wanting to be there for her. But she keeps him at arm’s length, refusing to share everything with him. And that just brings out his cop instinct, making him determined to find out her secret.

When the truth comes out, hurt and tempers flare. Will Lexi and Noah be able to work through their issues and build something new? Or will they just become a painful chapter in each other’s lives?

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